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Website Design

If you are a business, you need a website. I hear business people saying all the time that they don’t need a website – they’re wrong. I get all kinds of excuses: “All my business is word of mouth”, “I have too many customers already”, “I had a website and I got all kinds of useless calls”, “I have a Facebook page” and the list goes on and on of downright baffling excuses. Let me tell you from years and years of marketing experience, if you are in business – you need a website – period! Wait, let me qualify that – if you think the internet is going away, then you don’t need a website – I let you folks off the hook. All the excuses I hear don’t hold water. Word of mouth has changed – it is now bolstered or faulted with internet searches. Like it or not, people do not take word of mouth as readily serious as they once did. Why, because social proof (which is what word of mouth is based upon) has evolved to include easy searches online for multiple sources of social proof of happy clients (or the opposite) with review sites. Another thing that has changed with word of mouth is that people expect to be able to go to a business website to see their presence. Do they offer the service I need? Do they offer any guarantees? Do they have a website which looks like they care about how their business appears? <= If the business doesn’t care – how much will they care about me and my needs? When people look up a business online and don’t find a website it leaves questions in their mind about what kind of business is it? After all, having a website is just a basic need now days in the minds of many people. You don’t believe it – you’re wrong! I am not here to make friends and dance around the subject. If you have a mindset that you don’t need a website – you need to think again, I mean unless you are planning on retiring or selling your business. You need a website.   Read more →